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Welcome, Culture Friend!

Hi, I’m Vanessa Shaw and I created Human Side of Tech after 12 years in culture and wishing there was a place for us to connect in community, learn together and test out fresh ideas.

Now we are a thriving, global community! This is where you can:

Get feedback and encouragement,

in mastermind sessions.

Discover a design thinking approach to culture in live workshops.

Meet and mingle leaders with in culture

from Salesforce, IDEO, Amazon, Buffer and Facebook during our monthly calls.

Join us! In making the world a better place, one sticky-note at a time!

Meet Your Community of Peers!

The Workplace Lab is an online community for professionals working in HR, People Operations, Talent and Culture.

“We help each other with workplace challenges. We discuss how to improve our company culture. We brainstorm, collaborate and learn from one another.”

“We’re a global community of culture champions honing our skills to innovate the employee experience and be culture leaders.”

Meet the Community

Uplevel your Culture Skillset

Workshops for Culture-Focussed Leaders

The Design Thinking workshops for employee experience are an engaging and fun way to connect with other culture-focused professionals seeking to reimagine workplace cultures. You get access to learning, discussion, and group work. Learn facilitation techniques to bring back to your workplace.

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Hold up! Let's call out the elephant in the room

Everyone deserves to have a great place to work.

But there are not enough great places to work.

That’s why I built this community. 

Together we experiment with new approaches to create workplaces actually made for humans.

Whether you want to stay in touch with great ideas or you have a few of your own…

I’m so glad you are here!

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