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Let’s face it: There is a lot of noise out there about culture. And you might be wondering – where can I create meaningful connections with culture-focused peers?

Your culture community is here!

“We help each other with workplace challenges. We discuss how to improve our company culture. We brainstorm, collaborate and learn from one another.”

“We’re a global community of culture champions honing our skills to innovate the employee experience and be culture leaders.”

Community members

The Workplace Lab has been incredibly valuable and truly helped me in my career. I shared some of my ideas about how to improve culture to senior managers and they loved the ideas. Having the support of the group helped a lot.

Imelda Jimenez, Office Manager at SnapFish

I love the comradery in the group. We’re individually unique but all working to make the workplace a more fulfilling experience and to get the opportunities to do our best in our careers.

Nadine Shehabiber, Global Talent Strategy at Deloitte

What if you had a support network of peers to help you build the case for culture?

It’s pretty exciting to see how companies are thinking about the importance of culture, nowadays.

Culture is entering in conversations at the executive and board level. Career opportunities for people like us, are more available than ever before.

Maybe you are working in HR, Talent Management or People Operations. Or like many community members, you perform culture-building activities at your company, even though it’s not your main job duties.

No matter what your situation, you’ve probably felt alone and like others just don’t get you. Even more confusing, is that you can’t figure out how to get others on board. You may feel that you are left without support, or influence. And you just feel frustrated.

How would your career trajectory change if you had a team of people encouraging you?

This community was created to support you to be successful and create that dream career that inspires you and others around you.

I wear a lot of hats,” is something you’ve probably said more times than you can count. Perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking

“There’s so much going on at work all the time, how do I get my main job responsibilities done, and still have time to create meaningful investments in culture?”

Maybe you attend the occasional evening meetup, seeking external support networks. But, like most of us – you have found that the networking is uncomfortable and the connections are awkward at best.

In the office, when you need support, it doesn’t seem like you can get time with the people you need, when you need it.

Imagine having a place to ask questions, get feedback and stay connected to great ideas.

Do you get stuck when tackling how to design a better approach to performance management?

When someone says to you, “How come our remote team doesn’t participate in meetings?” do you feel compelled to figure out how to create better culture for remote colleagues?

If you’re like our members, then you might keep a mental list of things to learn about.


Your mental list of

‘I need to figure out how to ___”

…is never-ending.


And you just wish you had someplace to go where others were dealing with the similar challenges and had ideas of what you can do about them.

All this can be found in the Workplace Lab

We are a community of culture-focused professionals.

Together we share ideas and help each other get the support we need to navigate how to build great workplace cultures.


Culture Nerds & People Geeks

Connect with others who share your passion for culture and designing the employee experience.



Learn from diverse perspectives in group calls.

Experiment & Explore

New Tools

Discover new tools and get practice before bringing them to the office.

Your Story

Has a place here

Develop your experience and grow your leadership.

Learn Together

Fresh Approaches

Uncover a fresh approach to HR & People Operations.


Grow together

Get career support from a network of peers.
What's included when I join the Workplace Lab?
Peer Support Network
In our private community group you get to swap stories, share challenges and successes, post questions and get access to resources.
Community Huddles
We tackle real challenges you face at work, and come together to share ideas on how you can turn challenge into opportunity.
Live Q&A Calls
Invites to private Q&A Calls with culture leaders to inspire you to think about the workplace in a new way.
Build your network
Our Member Spotlight calls is where you meet peers from around the World who share your passion for building culture at work.
Members Newsletter
Helpful lightweight emails two times per month to give you group highlights and upcoming opportunity reminders.
Be first to know
Get invited to live workshops and meetups and influence where they happen!

Membership doors open just a few times a year. Get access to this amazing and very supportive community.

There is nothing out there like this, believe me I’ve looked! When I was starting my career in culture – a resource like this didn’t exist (I wish it had!).  propel your career in culture forward.

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Jessica Simmons

I’ve joined other online communities on Slack and Google groups, but I’m not that active there. I find the conversations can be redundant or too junior for my role. I may not get a lot out of the content.

The Workplace Lab has been different. The topics are more relevant and I enjoy the more intimate format. Also, I align well with the type of view on culture that Vanessa brings. For example, I’m not a fan of terms like ‘culture fit’. I want to be thoughtful about a more global view on culture.

The Workplace Lab has helped me stay tuned in to how people in different sized companies and regions are building culture in their companies.

Jessica Simmons, People & Culture Manager at Tint

If you’re interested in building relationships, keeping up on the latest culture trends, and getting great content – this is a group you’re going to want to be a part of.

Vanessa, thank you for building this culture community. I’ve been able to learn from some remarkable HR and Culture leaders, and devolop meaningful relationships with the other members. – Marty Imes

Private calls with leaders from
Your questions about workplace culture, answered
Guest speakers & recent topics
Let’s push the boundaries of what workplace cultures can be.

I’m Vanessa Shaw, I believe we can make work better, when we come together.

When I started my career, I wanted to work in culture. I reached out to professionals and asked for advice. The answers I got, were unhelpful. I tried countless ways to find the answers. And I want to make it easier for you to get the support as someone working in culture.

There is a lot to work to be done. And ultimately – we need more of us working to build the case for culture. We must come together.

The World needs a global tribe of culture-focused professionals.

And we are building it right here.

I’m so glad you are interested to join us, your contribution is so important.

Interviewing Janelle Gale, VP of HR at Facebook

I bring my network of culture thought leaders to you.

Its hard to get time with people whom you admire most! I assemble our group calls so everybody gets value. You get access to culture leaders, and they have the opportunity to share their experience in meaningful group discussions format. Each call offers hours of learning for the group.

Director of Culture at Shopify, Konval Matin

I’m on a quest to unite a global network of culture-focused professionals.

I built the Workplace Lab online community so you have support, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

A decade of experience in culture, facilitation and global community building.
Learning Facilitator
Global community builder
Total Culture nerd
What's the community saying?

Vanessa creates a welcoming community that tackles difficult concepts and so that it’s not intimidating at all, it’s a great way to meet other people.

Antoinette LeCouteur, Corporate Social Responsibility, PG&E

Vanessa is delightful, funny, aware and respectful. Her approach to group facilitation is both entertaining and effective. Highly recommend.

Dennis Britton, Agile Coach at PayPal

Vanessa brings a people-first approach to her work to make the case for culture and demonstrate the value of investing in employee experience. Her insight and expertise around building community and culture are invaluable to professionals in all roles, especially those in HR and people operations.

Eleanor Whitney, Event Manager, Managed by Q

Come be Part of our Culture Community

When you join the Workplace Lab for $3/day for you get all this:

⇨ Coffee with a Culture Leader monthly calls with leaders who have built culture at companies like Facebook, Google, Eventbrite, PepsiCo, HelloSign and more. 

Community Mastermind Sessions every month we tackle real challenges you face at work, and come together to share ideas on how you can turn challenge into opportunity

Share your story in our Member Spotlight calls a facilitated virtual networking experience

Connect with peers from around the World who share your passion for building culture at work

⇨ Private resource library of interviews with culture leaders

⇨ Help when you need it, wherever you are, in our private community group you get to swap stories, share challenges and successes and more.

Culture inspiration straight to your inbox to keep you motivated in our bi-weekly Workplace Lab insiders newsletter

⇨ Be part of the only online culture community of its kind, a unique opportunity waiting for you!

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This Workplace Lab has been very relevant to my work in employee experience. It’s wonderful to be in a community that has some similar values and passions, but with so many different experiences and perspectives.In our calls together we put into practice what we are brainstorming about. It’s real-time trial and implementation. I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the group.

Sarah Schoolcraft, Employee Experience at PhData Inc.

I joined the Workplace Lab to be a part of a community of like-minded people who believe our workplaces can be better. I have endless gratitude to this community and Vanessa for helping us work towards improving our quality of life by making work better!

Karina Merrill, Project Manager

Be part of the change to create more culture-focused companies.

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A: Each month we have a live call with featured guest speaker on a specific topic. Instead of an annonymous webinar style context, we have live calls with leaders in culture, people and talent. You get to ask questions and know the leaders in a more intimate setting.

Everyday of the year you have access to our private community group. We post questions, seek feedback and share ideas.
We have member feature days, where you get to showcase your work, career and what you’re looking for from the group. We are a supportive community, and members say, “everyone is incredibly kind!”
Every month we have Community Mastermind sessions, we huddle together while a member shares a challenge they are facing, and we tackle it together to help them turn challenge into opportunity.

Memberships are available in durations of 6 months or 12 month increments.

When you pay in full, you receive a reduced rate. Or you can pay on monthly installments of $97 per month.

We accept all major credit cards, and payments are made through Stripe or Paypal on a secure platform.

I’ve scoured the internet and asked dozens of people about where to find a good community group for resources in culture. What I found was a few other online communities around culture that are hosted by startups or companies that self software products. These groups are a general forum for people to drop questions and event announcements.

I’ve participated in many of them – I was really excited when I found them! But after the initial excitement wears off, I realized they were not really a community but more so a forum. Many questions go unanswered in a long thread of scrolling through chatter.

Our community is focused on building relationships.

This is not a massive dump-all of questions to scroll through mindlessly. You will get to know the members by name.

The private calls with culture leaders where you get to ask questions directly is a unique opportunity to get support on the topics you are navigating.

That’s ok. Many of us are passionate about culture, and bring that into work in marketing, communications, and various domains. The most important thing is we are a diverse group, and we come together to share ideas, get feedback and create community.

That’s ok! We come from a range of companies that have no culture leaders at all, to companies with entire departments. Everyone’s situation is unique and we learn from the variety of experience in the group. And being part of this group, we can help you come up with a plan to build a case for culture at your company.

Since we are a global group, days/times are rotated. Generally we meet Tuesday-Friday between 10am – 4pm PST. Community huddles and speaker sessions are both 1 hour. We schedule them about 2-3 weeks in advance, so that you have time to plan ahead.
If you are based in European, Australia or New Zealand time zones, we have occassional group calls to accommodate this timezone as well. We have members from US, Taiwan, Brasil, New Zealand and throughout Europe. We are truly global, and it helps us keep in touch with ideas from many corners of the globe.
All of our sessions are recorded and uploaded to a member-only access library. When you join you will have access to all previous speaker sessions with leaders from places like Glassdoor, Buffer and PepsiCo.

Many of our members self-fund their membership. But some have received employer supported funds as part of their education benefit. Most members say that of other options out there, this was the highest value opportunity to have continuous learning, and networking.

Members say that this group is more beneficial than evening meetups and public events, as its a place that your questions get responded to and real relationships can be built. Our group gives you support all month long, everyday, no matter where you are.

That’s up to you. Members who invest more time, get more out of it.

Many of our members have become friends and setup calls together to learn more about their work. They have supported each other through job searches or new endeavors. When you need support, you might reach out to the group more frequently.

The group is designed to be there when you need it.

Just think about how much longer it will take you to get answers to your questions and build a community on your own. Here, we’ve already built it for you. When you join us, you get access to an already engaged community eager to meet you!